City Tours by Rickshaw

It’s the perfect tour for two! From the buzzing Market Square, or Marktplatz, to soaring gate towers and the city wall, Rothenburg is yours to discover.

Tour Prices

48 euros for 60 minutes/ 24 euros for 30 minutes
(based on two people)


The Best of Rothenburg

This 30-minute tour features a sample of the city’s most famous spots. You’ll see three gate towers, a part of the historic city wall and one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in Rothenburg: the Gerlachschmiede. The Franciscan Church—the city’s oldest—is also along the way, plus one of the most charming squares you’ll ever see: The Plönlein.

All of Rothenburg

This exclusive 60-minute tour will not only show you the very best of Rothenburg’s renowned sights, but also many more of its architectural highlights, including six gate towers, five churches and an extensive stretch of the fortified wall.

 Special Tours (60 min.)

‚Spiritual Life‘: You’ll visit Rothenburg’s Franciscan Church, which dates back 700 years, and admire the impressive Gothic architecture of St. Jacob’s Church. The tour also comprises the Hospice of the Holy Spirit, the former Dominican convent and its cloister, plus St. Wolfgang’s Church, also known as Shepherd’s Church.

‚Superstitious World‘: References to superstition from the city’s medieval past are still visible today. Turn a corner and find grimacing faces on wells or mythical figures in fountains. Spot skulls on the Death Gate, branks on towers or even a devil’s face in a church wall. The Executioner’s Tower is also included on this tour.

‚Children’s Adventure‘: Kids will have fun discovering and learning about Rothenburg’s underground casemates, its strongest bulwark with cannons and the former latrine seats in the fortified wall. The tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing the pillory at the Medieval Crime Museum and the wooden cage for the so-called ‚baker’s baptism‘.

Photo Safari (60 min.)

Rothenburg is undeniably picturesque, and I know the best places to take you for capturing those perfect snapshots of the city.

Transportation on the Night Watchman’s Tour

This service is ideal for someone who would like to go on the Night Watchman’s tour but, due to limited mobility, may find it difficult to follow the group.

Price: 40 euros for 60 minutes

Taxi Service

From the Marktplatz to parking area P1: 10 euros
From the Marktplatz to parking area P3: 15 euros
From the Marktplatz to the train station: 15 euros


-The driver is a certified tour guide and speaks English.
-The pedicab has an electric engine and carries up to 200 kilos (440 pounds).